Los Angeles native JJ Noriega or better known as Triceradrops is a psychedelic trance DJ and producer. He began his interest at the age of 22 with the influences from industrial, metal, punk, trance, uplifting and psy. Going to school with intentions to record his band at the time he unexpectedly came out a producer. Winning the remix competition for Christopher Lawrence's Beyond the limit lit that fire we all know today. Within a year or two his production, he had honed his own sound that now has earned him rank across the world. His eclectic background with a love of heavy metal & punk has certainly influenced his production which gives it a very hard hitting and grinding unique sound. The fusion with techno and psytrance is very energetic yet hypnotizing on the dance floor. Having the rise and earning the support from the underground the rise in his career has only molded him into the person you see today humble and confident. Welcome to his world of the underground.

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